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He can sit, lie down and roll over. Try giving him a pet and watch how he responds. Keep your dog
entertained by playing ball or giving him a bone. Reward him by giving him a treat.

Games tend to grab our attention, even if we're not sure what's going to happen when we start playing. You probably spent a minute or two playing around with Rex here, even though it has no obvious connection to this website. Learning should be as engaging as the games we choose to play and stories we choose to read and tell - and can be, if properly designed, whether you are designing a learning game or some other form of interactive instruction. Let Lifelong Learner design engaging, interactive content for your next educational project.

Educational Games

Play, as an educational tool, increases engagement in deep learning. Games incorporate some of the “messiness” that exist in real-life situations and thus create virtual problem solving environments. Games require the user to decipher what the task is, how to accomplish it and provide an important context for the information one has to process. The narrative of an adventure game allows players to gain practical skills which can then be applied in the real world. Players must then gather information and analyze strategies for beating the game. Sample projects

Digital Storytelling

The art of storytelling has been used for centuries to entertain and to teach, and its educational power is utilized by teachers today. Stories ease the learning process by providing context to information and creating meaning for the learner. Stories can generate ideas in children based on their own experiences, give context to individual experiences, and enhance comprehension. Interactive and digital storytelling takes this one step further by allowing children to create animated, 2D and 3D stories. The goal is to boost creativity, further imagination and boost self-esteem, all the while creating a fun educational experience for the child. Sample projects

Interactive Lessons

A good learning environment is active and meaningful. Learners, especially children, learn best when they can interact with and experience knowledge. New media allows us to provide rich surroundings for learners to explore. An interactive environment is an individualized environment - it allows learners to progress at their own pace and be much more engaged with what they are learning. Sitting at a computer is no longer a solitary experience - learners can be interacting with media, other learners and teachers, and be visiting far away or imaginary places that can never be created in a classroom. Interactive online lessons combine the best of classroom instruction with multimedia. Sample projects



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