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Technology is always evolving and changing, as are today's students. The one predictable thing about technology is that its future is unpredictable. Therefore the ability to continue learning beyond school is imperative. New media including interactive videos and digital games have the ability to create much more engaging educational opportunities - as long as the focus is not on the technology itself, but how technology can be used to enhance education.

Lifelong Learner is an E-Learning development company dedicated to creating instruction that can reach any learner. Whether you require instructional design skills, or an educational gaming solution, we've got ideas for you. Lifelong Learner was founded by Elisa Gopin when she decided after a decade in web development and client training to focus her skills on educational technology. We believe that whether you are in a corporate environment or educational setting there is an E-Learning solution for you.


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last updated: Dec 01 2015 11:47 PM
  • Book Review: Video Games and Learning
    Elisa teaches online professional development courses for teachers at Register now for Teaching With Games - starts Monday January 4, 2016. Save $50 - Register by December 7, 2015! Video Games and Learning: Teaching and Participatory Culture in the Digital Age, by Kurt Squire About the author: Kurt Squire is an assistant professor of Educational Communications and Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is Director of the Games, Learning & Society Initiative. Summary: “Can we learn socially and academically valuable concepts and skills from video games? How can we best teach ...
  • 5 Myths About Kids and Computers
    When speaking to teachers and parents about teaching computer skills to their kids, there are a few things that adults tend to assume about how kids use computers. Many of these things are simply not true, at least in my experience of teaching digital storytelling, animation, and web design to middle and high schoolers. I think an English class that uses, for example, to create comic strip versions of stories that kids might be reading or writing in class, will go a lot smoother if the teacher is aware ...
  • Picture It: Comics As Teaching Tool
    Comics are educationally effective because they create a story (Mallia, 2007). Narrative is a powerful tool in teaching, and provides necessary context for a learner to assimilate the new information into existing cognitive schemas (Nelson, 1989). Since comics are meant to be humorous and entertaining, they can use fantasy to simulate scenarios where a certain concept has been taken to the extreme – sometimes the best way to really understand the uniqueness and limitations of a new concept. Because they are primarily visual, comics are appealing to younger children who might ...
  • Does Video Support Learning?
    Does video support learning? | About | Projects | Resources for Teachers | Blog | Publications | Contact